What is Smart Home and how to build a Smart Home?

What is Smart Home
What is Smart Home

Welcome to my web blog again, Firstly, I will briefly describe all of you that What is Smart Home? how to Build Your Smart Home step by step. I’m going to report you every single device that you need from scratch to end, then you will be able to easily build a smart home within your own home.

Let’s get started. First of all, everyone would like to know what is the Smart Home? Some people know very well about this topic. But many of us want to know that what is Smart Home? , what is the concept of it? How to Build a Smart Home within their home?

What is Smart home
What is Smart home?

What is Smart Home?

A smart home means that all appliances or products within home connect with the Internet. You can give command via voice or smartphone application to control them just like science fiction. All things run from your voice command or smartphone without moving anywhere. Whenever you sit anywhere, you can control all the devices from your voice command or authorized Smartphone. Everything is simple whether on the bed or on a sofa or a study chair. This is the concept of Smart Home.  

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How to Build a Smart Home form Scratch?

To build a smart home, the very first required thing is you need to have a custom-built Internet connection. This is a modem coming in from your Internet Service Provider, It provides the Internet within your home. If you’re trying to use your Smartphone as a Wi-Fi hotspot to run your smart home devices. Then it won’t be a good idea and you may face awful experience. So, whenever you willing to build your home as smart home. You have to ensure that you have an incoming modem that provides high-speed Internet which can be from any Internet Service Provider.

WI-FI Router

 Now, the next step would be, usually, you will have a Wi-Fi router. So it is a very essential part of converting your simple home into a smart home as this is what allows your home to have a Wi-Fi connection and all of your devices connect to it.

Here, I would like to mention one thing that there are many different companies that sell a modem and a router together. You can say that it would be single-unit equipment that works as a modem as well as a router too. Nowadays, it is called dual-band router which means that it contains in one SSID o or WI-FI Connection.

Those routers are available in the market and you can buy them from Amazon or Flipkart platform too. You have not to worry about so much about hearing it. Just you have to ensure that you should have a good quality modem cum router which could provide you the best internet experience and you could run all smart home devices of yours through this modem cum router. I believe that my router can connect up with a lot of smart home devices. So I don’t worry about that.

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Once Completion of WI-FI Network

 So, once you have a custom-built Wi-Fi network at your home that works would be to send information from your Smartphone to all your smart home devices within your home to be able to control them, if you build the best smart home then it is a very essential procedure. Now, the next question is how would you control these devices? You will require buying a Google Home device to control these devices.

What is Google Assistant

But, I will mention that you don’t even require having a Google Home device to get started in making your smart home. What’s the work of the Google Home device? It just allows your voice command anytime within your home instantly. So if you have an Android or an IOS Smartphone device, then you just need to download the Google home application after that you can get started. Google Home devices are the devices that do not have a hub built inside of them. It means that you would need to purchase products that are compatible with Google assistant that would connect through a Wi-Fi or maybe another hub. So, whenever you’re looking to buy a new smart home device, then you would have to ensure that it should work with Google assistant labeled so that, you could know, it would be compatible with Google assistant.

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